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3 months, 1 week ago Posted in: eNews Comments Off on Countdown to Surgery

Getting ready for ankle surgery on March 8.  Followed by recovery.  Finishing up with a return to the islands next season.  For those that miss me being at Happy Hour at Myett’s….Hang In There

6 months ago Posted in: eNews Comments Off on Island Update

Good news….Bad news

Bad News…I won’t be coming down to Tortola to play Happy Hour at Myett’s.  I need to have ankle surgery and time to recover

Good news…I’ll be coming back next season (2015-2016) all healed and ready to play again.  To all  of you heading down to places that Jimmy and sing about, where it’s sunny and warm and you can Set Your Soul Free,  you can get ready by playing that song a bunch of times to get your head in the right place.  You can find all my original songs on iTunes and Spotify.  You can also see my videos on youtube  (type in kapeye)…songs from my CDs  and even videos from my pre-island days when I had my classic rock band Nighthawk

Contact me through this website and let me know what you think.   ENJOY

10 months, 3 weeks ago Posted in: eNews Comments Off on My Songs Are Now On Spotify

Check it out.  You can download individual tunes

1 year ago Posted in: eNews Comments Off on Time to Write New Songs

While I recover from ankle surgery, It’s a good time to do some song writing

1 year, 5 months ago Posted in: eNews Comments Off on My Tunes Are Now On iTunes

I have four albums with all original songs available to the public now on iTunes

Just Another Day in Paradise
Set My Soul Free
Halfway There

Just search on iTunes kapeye

Download individual songs or an entire album